For most of us, ending our active service with the military was a long sought after finish line. We can still remember, with a profound joy in our hearts, the feeling as we drove off base for the last time: the days of endless field ops, humps and deployments in the rear-view mirror, the glorious promise of civilian life and a re-discovered self-determination sitting temptingly on the horizon. Oh, to EAS.


But while the grass actually is greener, to most of us anyway, the cold reality is that we all miss the tight bonds and friendships of active-duty life. The EAS Show brings the real-life stories, perspectives and experiences of veterans in all of their uncensored, shameless glory, directly to the active duty and veteran community.

The EAS Show is produced and hosted by Dan Willis and Vinny Cataldo. Dan and Vinny became friends while serving in 2/9 Fox Company -- Dan as a Marine and Vinny as a Corpsman. Through interviews with friends and former service-members, they seek to recreate the brotherhood that is often lost after getting out.

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