t was another one of those nights the other night, where a gracious amount of Jameson turned me from being somewhat reserved on social media into a living Palpatine Meme declaring that “I am the Senate!” It’s my vice these days: I dwell on my political thoughts and beliefs until Mr. J whispers ever so charmingly into my ears Go ahead Blake, make sure all those people on Facebook know you don’t give a shit. Force them to read your incoherent ramblings. I almost always end up looking for a fight that eventually devolves into nonsense, usually because of me, as my fingers get sloppy and my brain gets sluggish. Why do I even do it? Half the time I feel like I’m trying to fight against this idea that Veterans are supposed to have these specific views, and that we all believe in the same shit, but that’s so far from the truth.



As a veteran, social media says that I’m supposed to be a Republican, vigorously sharing articles from moto-named media sites like American Patriot News or Freedom Daily, and viciously attack anyone who disagrees with service-based rebuttals. It’s become a huge joke, and I can’t help but feel that everyone is falling for it. A lot of these ideas that I’m supposed to believe in go against the very thing I swore an oath to defend, but that’s OK, as long as I fall in step. But why does this happen? There’s no correlation between a man’s political affiliation and his love for his country. One of our writers is a self-proclaimed bleeding heart liberal, but he still slayed bodies in Afghanistan. It’s just not cool to be objective anymore. Republicans love the military, Democrats want to gut it, and any idea that states otherwise is wrong. I couldn’t care less how many Muslims immigrate to America, there’s nothing saying you can’t practice certain religions here, but that makes me an Islamic Apologist that wants to see the country destroyed. That doesn’t make any sense, considering the very idea of restricting a religion should be considered treason by the same group that screams like a child if any sort of gun regulation gets mentioned, or doesn’t care about disenfranchisement. All these things are part of the same water pump that keeps the boat from capsizing; you remove even one part, and the ship goes down.



Shit, Blake is one of those liberal crybabies who wants to take my guns away and thinks illegals should be able to vote! Hold up now, let’s not kick the horse too soon. I also think people should be able to own any kind of firearm they want, and while I do think we should accept refugees, I want to vet the shit out of them. Maybe I’m a member of Huffington Post’s Racist Gun Nut Blacklist, who knows, but again, all of these things I believe in are rooted in the same thing. I can’t just decide to support one thing and not the other, that’s hypocritical, even for me. This whole party thing is just such a silly idea; too many conflicting ideals that don’t make sense, but I’m supposed to be a part of a specific side of it because of my military service? I followed enough rules and regulations while a Marine, I didn’t get out just to follow a new set. While I was service, I was as die-hard Republican as they come; Obama was the reason for all things bad in the military, and he alone was the reason we had our hands tied oversees. The thing is that I was also an idiot. I don’t absolve him of shitty foreign policy and the like, but at the same time, he’s not a dictator and didn’t have complete power. Four years of falling in line blindly was enough for this Devil Dweeb.

Blake is a Co-founder and Staff Writer for RTB. He served in the USMC as an infantryman from 2009-2013, deploying to Afghanistan in 2010 and 2011. The constant onslaught of new lieutenants forced him to leave active-duty. He presently works in asset protection in Georgia, where he lives with his dog. His views are his own. Follow Blake on Twitter.

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