About Us

We left the infantry and active-duty to return to civilian life. But despite being free from the clutches of mal-adjusted Staff NCOs and insane op-tempos, we found ourselves in need of the common language and experiences shared by those crazy enough to voluntarily do the country's dirty work. The comfort of the barracks-room confessional was no longer something we could count on.

And while we don't want to return to active duty, we do want the community back. In fact, we need the community back. Our purpose at RTB is to find and amplify the authentic voices, experiences and perspectives of veterans and share them for the benefit of us all. We are dissatisfied with the current veteran narrative in the media. We believe that you deserve better. We all deserve better. Do you speak the same language? Then welcome home, fucker.

If you are a veteran with a story, opinion, perspective or anything that you think should be added to the discussion, we want to hear from you. We're not easily shocked, so nothing is off limits. Or, if you would just like to get in touch with the RTB team to compliment them, please, don't hesitate.